A Little Goes a Long Way

Today I drove down a street we used to live on. It sits in a part of town that hovers on the cusp of two areas best described as “okay” and “not that good”. It was not terrible when we lived there, it’s not terrible now either. It simply remains locked in that purgatory between, […]

A Random Movie Review

Last weekend I found myself sitting on the couch, scrolling through the channels looking for something to watch. This is notable primarily because these days such an activity is a rarity. Our T.V. is hogged by children, it’s no secret. I haven’t caught up on any of the shows I used to be into. I […]

A Dream

They stood in the kitchen, all six of them. The kitchen was not one I had ever seen before, but was as familiar as every kitchen I had ever been in.  They stood together, not side by side, but casually grouped, as though they were posing for a photo. The youngest sat on the bar, […]


The hammock swayed gently as I lay in it looking up toward the sky. The sun had already gone down for the evening, giving way to the night. My view of the stars was obstructed by the massive tree branches overhead. Their dark silhouettes stretched out toward one another like hundreds of arms with grasping […]

A Gift

I was headed out to do some yard work. I had such mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I loved being outside and puttering around to make the house look cute. I would definitely rather have been out there doing that than any of the menial tasks that occur inside. On the other hand, […]

The Vote

In the fall of 1996, the political climate in America was hot. President William Jefferson Clinton, aka “Bill” was running for his second term, in a race against Bob Dole and Ross Perot.  While I had turned 18 a couple short months before, I was not registered to vote. I was preoccupied living the life […]

Little Ones

As we walked across the parking lot I reached for Jude’s hand. I was secretly relieved when he reached out and grabbed mine back. At the ripe old age of six and a half, he did not always want to hold my hand. It was a bittersweet development when a little boy hits the stage […]


“I need more to do” the woman said to me. She stood about as tall as I was, her hair the pretty kind of silver and her blue eyes clear as a summer sky. We stood eye to eye in the kitchen of the shelter, surrounded by the mint green walls. She had just completed […]


The sound of the crickets droned on outside the window. It was completely dark in the room, just the way I liked it. I once spent several nights rearranging the modem that sat on my desk in the corner of the bedroom so that none of the blinking lights were visible from the bed. The […]


It was warm and muggy as we walked from the dairy barn down to the metal structure that housed some cows. Before FCLI, I hadn’t even known Faulkner County had a dairy farm. The place smelled exactly like you would imagine such a place would smell, weird. My heart harbored no grudges against the milking […]