A Random Movie Review

Last weekend I found myself sitting on the couch, scrolling through the channels looking for something to watch. This is notable primarily because these days such an activity is a rarity. Our T.V. is hogged by children, it’s no secret. I haven’t caught up on any of the shows I used to be into. I lost motivation for it sometime around when the pandemic hit. I’ve been sporadically watching Criminal Minds with Isaac and this summer I watched the entire series Six Feet Under, mostly on my laptop.

As I sat there scrolling, I happened to find the movie Central Intelligence and had just started. Delighted with the find I stopped there and settled in to watch. For the next couple of hours, I got lost in the movie. I found myself laughing out loud at numerous scenes in the film. It was silly, really, but something about that movie really gets me going. I love the combination of The Rock and Kevin Hart. Plus, this movie has some casual unicorn adoration going on, and if you know me at all, you know that’s the way to my heart.

I was reminded of the first time I had seen it, when it had initially come out in theaters. This was how it went down. Thomas had a friend at the time, who happened to be a girl. They wanted to go and hang out and see a movie together. Now, I’m hesitant to call this a date because they were very young, like, not even 13 yet. The idea of a boy/girl “date” not in a group was a little iffy. The girl’s mom and I decided that they could go, as long as one of us accompanied them. I offered to go because, hey, I like movies.

They picked the movie and so I bought my own ticket to the same movie. I’m a little stalkery like that when I need to be. I loaded up on my favorites, fountain cherry coke and popcorn loaded with butter and salt. When you go back to the movies, it is imperative that you ask for butter and the chance to add salt halfway through the popcorn as well as on top. This changes the movie theater popcorn experience. It’s like leveling up. Trust me.

Carrying my goods to the theater designated for the movie, I settled in 4-5 rows behind Thomas and his friend. Now, there’s no need to feel too badly for them. Once the movie began, I completely forgot about them anyway. I was thoroughly entertained. I didn’t really have any expectation for the film prior to seeing it, I just went to the movie they chose.

When it was over, I slowly made my way out into the lobby. Catching Thomas’s eye and seeing it was okay to approach I walked over. “That movie was hilarious!” I said. Looking me right in the eye, Thomas replied, “I know. We heard you laughing the whole time.” I chuckled.

Apparently, between that time several years ago and now, it still hasn’t lost it’s appeal to me. I sat in the living room, laughing out loud watching it again last Friday.

If you’re looking for something serious or with intrinsic life value, this is not the movie for you. If you like a laugh, though, or even maybe a silly chuckle, (and who doesn’t need a chuckle these days, amiright?) give it a go.

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