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It was nothing much to look at. When folks found themselves that far down the winding backroad they were much more concerned with finding the highway back to civilization than noticing the ramshackle building. The wooden structure boasted faded spots of paint that barely hung on to the dilapidated boards. The sides leaned just slightly […]


One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, she made her way. Her chest heaved with exertion as she moved. With her left arm she moved low hanging branches out of the way. Her right arm held her sword, once shiny and sparkling now covered in blood and grime. Her muscles […]

The Shepherd

We met you in a time of great difficulty. Somehow I think many people probably met you in times of difficulty. Yours was a job that could lead you to people during celebratory joy but also times of great mourning. The first thing I noticed about you was the kindness that seemed to emanate from […]

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