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Broken Branch

There is a broken branch in the tree in my front yard. I estimate it to be 3-4 feet in length.  It has long since been severed from the trunk. I don’t know what event caused it to break. It was probably a storm that popped up, winds blowing, rain beating down. One end of […]


I’ve never been accused of being a pet person. When he came to live with us, I was the least enthused, there’s no question. I do know that he ended up being the sweetest, gentlest dog we ever could have had around our little boys. He could not handle the sound of a broom sweeping […]

Ms. Ellison

Pat Ellison was my high school band director. She was known far and wide for her standard of conduct and musicianship. She instilled in all of her students the belief that we competed against no one but ourselves. Comparison was truly the thief of joy, and good music was a privilege to be a part […]

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