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The Drifter

The gravel crunched beneath his boots as he walked. His footfalls sounded at a slow and steady pace along the side of the old highway. The timeworn brown looked more of a mottled gray in color, stained from the years of hard working and hard living.  His legs were long and lanky, covered in denim […]

Writer’s Block

It’s important that you know I have not been the appointed spokesperson for writers, so take everything I say with whatever grain of salt you can find laying around, even if it’s just a leftover packet with some restaurant utensils from last week’s takeout. Many have and will continue to disagree with me! Writer’s Block. The two […]

The Journals

In a basket on my dresser in my bedroom sits two notebooks. One boasts a pretty red flower and has a spiral binding. The other one has a textured cover with a whimsical owl stitched on it. They once contained pages that were empty, waiting The first entry was December 28, 2006. I had three […]

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