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Ms. Ellison

Pat Ellison was my high school band director. She was known far and wide for her standard of conduct and musicianship. She instilled in all of her students the belief that we competed against no one but ourselves. Comparison was truly the thief of joy, and good music was a privilege to be a part […]

Showdown at the Shop-and-Go

We’d been outside playing for over an hour when Uncle Johnny’s beat-up pickup rumbled into the driveway. Immediately abandoning what we were doing, we yelled “Uncle’s Johnny’s here!” and ran over to greet him as he got out of the truck. “Hey kids! How’re y’all doing?” he asked us, giving us hugs and grin. He […]


It was nothing much to look at. When folks found themselves that far down the winding backroad they were much more concerned with finding the highway back to civilization than noticing the ramshackle building. The wooden structure boasted faded spots of paint that barely hung on to the dilapidated boards. The sides leaned just slightly […]

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